Workplace Communication, Management and Career Development

We’ve all dealt with problems as a result of poor communication.

Whether you’re looking to communicate more effectively to ace the interview, develop skills as a manager, enhance or build better rapport with colleagues, your boss, and new acquaintances …

… look no further; my useful concepts and practical skills will break down the communication process with ease. My training is designed to provide you with step-by-step proven methods for you to learn and be seen as confident, trustworthy, and of value.

Each course I offer is tailored for a specific area of communication challenges. All courses include video teaching, guidebooks, resources and opportunities for Q & A as you go.

Individual coaching sessions are offered at a discounted rate while you are enrolled in a course.

Group Training

If you are interested in training (virtual or on site) tailored to your group needs, please schedule a consultation appointment with me.

Online Courses:

Betty Lochner course



Master the basic skills you need to begin your journey to becoming a more confident entrepreneur.

$97 (Introductory pricing through April 30)

Learn the communication skills, habits, and methods that you need to become a more confident and effective communicator at work and at home. that every business over should master:

Self-Awareness, Active Listening, Non-Verbal Communication, Conflict Management and Communicating with Confidence and Clarity

This self-paced course includes essential communication skills, scripts, guidebooks, and video lessons to help you become a more skilled and confident communicator.

The course is self-paced and includes 4 short modules with 2 lessons each.

workplace communcation


Learn the basic skills you need to master workplace conversations like a pro.


If you struggle with workplace communication challenges with your subordinates, colleagues or boss, this course is for you.

Workplace Communication is self-paced and designed to give you some quick wins with skills you can immediately put to use.

It includes 4 modules with 2 lessons each to help you improve your workplace communication skills – including handling difficult conversations, and will help you advance in your career.

Betty Lochner course logo
Betty Lochner course logo


Master management in a virtual, in-person, or hybrid environment.

$397 (independent study | $547 (with coaching)

For new, aspiring, and seasoned managers. The course includes skill-building, expert coaching, guest speakers, personalized feedback, and guidance to build your skills, confidence, and ability to become a better boss in a face-to-face or virtual environment.

You will learn the performance coaching skills that will make you more confident in handling uncomfortable or difficult workplace conversations, performance evaluations and skilled performance coaching.

The course starts as soon as you register and includes 4 modules (1 each week for 4 weeks) with 4-5 lessons each, an action plan to continue your skill building, and an option to add two personal coaching sessions at a huge discount ($547 for the online course with 2 coaching sessions).



A deeper dive into becoming a more confident and efffective communicator, including how to master difficult conversations and confrontations.

$247 (independent study | $397 (with coaching)

This course has all the basic learning found in the shorter courses and then some. It includes learning a coaching approach to better communication, and all the skills you need to become skilled at handling hard conversations with ease.

The course starts as soon as you register and includes 4 modules (1 each week for 4 weeks) with 4-5 lessons each, and an action plan to continue your skill building, and an option to add two personal coaching sessions.



Get from where you are to where you want to be in your career journey.


The Career Coaching Program is an online program that will help you wherever you are in your career journey.

It includes 4 self-paced modules and two individual coaching sessions. Modules include:

  • Understand Where you Are
  • Explore Where You Want to Be
  • Find Your Ideal Job
  • Develop a Career Action Plan